Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Seasons Chapter 1: Autumn

Hello again. So last year, during an epic snowfall that left me stranded in Vancouver, my camera passed away. Tragic as it was, I managed to capture two great photo-sessions before it happened. This is the first set, taken in October-November. Enjoy.

This is a friend I had for dinner one evening.

At fishtrap creek. If I was a bird I would be this one, hanging out on a big log in the rain. What better way to attract a mate.

Now this is bitter irony at it's finest! And this isn't even a road, this is a nature path! David Suzuki would have a field day (in a natural natury field, not one of those manufactured fields kids these days are using for organized sport activities).

Well, it's good to see that a lot of optimistic people enjoying hiking, at least.


"Oh my heartstrings come undone, I will wait for you". Demon Hunter said it best.

Let's go for a walk sometime, you and I, as soon as we meet. Sigh. I am lonely.

Ice is not safe, ever. I'm glad they warned me. I will think twice next time I order an iced-capp.

Running water. I just can't say enough good things about it.

Ah, it's almost spring, when everything comes around and starts to come alive again. Can't wait.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the temple

These are some pictures from a trip to Sacramento this month, taking in a Youth Worker's Conference (and, therein, finding enough thought to last me the rest of the year. that's always good).

This one is not by me. Lolcats is the perfect waste of an afternoon, indeed.

Some poems I wrote on paper cups.

This is a shoe. It belongs to Carla. Last I heard she found herself a man, and is getting married :D

While visiting Sacramento we found this coffeehouse called "The Temple", which was so good! It was heaven. We visited there about 5 times in 4 days.

This is me, enjoying a fine coffee from Guatemala

This is the story of the prodigal son, told in sand-art. It was amazing seeing the story unfold in sand, the artist telling through shapes. Very interesting.

This is a catholic church in downtown Sacramento.

All in all a great trip.

Take care.

Monday, September 15, 2008

later summer, early fall

Hello again, after a long absent of sorts.

I'm spending a lot of time wearing no shoes, I'm becoming more mature (no, really) and summer is slowing closing it's blinds, expecting the colors of an early fall.

I'm looking forward to the feeling of resting before the cold of winter, settling into a new semester at school, working out artistic projects, working out my own faith with great fear and trembling, and pressing leaves in journals to send to friends.

So, here is a small collection from my two weeks of epiphanies and arrivals, a perspective on the closing days of a season. Enjoy.

This is a pitcher I keep around my house, situated, at this moment, next to a bowl of onions destined to take part in a yam soup.

Summer is all about friends.

This is the new journal I'm using.

Some leaves.

If I was a rabbit....

This is where I carry all my journals, and other sundry items.

Some local fare which I shared with some friends.

And the entertainment for the evening.

More to come.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

we found our way into the afternoon

Here is a collection of pictures all about the summer. I like to think that summer is a perfect time to travel and experience life. Though, I have not done an extensive amount of traveling lately. This has to change soon, before August closes it's curtain. We'll see.

August 2006. This is a potted flower in my Aunt's garden. (classic picture of the day).

This is me, driving to Seattle to see "The Album Leaf", wearing Jamison's glasses.

This is tea that I really like, that I enjoyed whilst listening to a jazz concert.

July 2008. Some kids and I drove into Seaside, Oregon, in a 15 passenger van. This is one of the small cites in Oregon.

I didn't get a whole lot of time to explore oregon, because I was at this beach most of the time. But I am definitely going back next spring break. Oregon really is a great place to be. If there was an Oregon version of Baywatch it would look like this-

This is a friend I met down by the beach. There were lots of cute girls around, but for some reason hanging out with squirrels seemed more appealing (being shy sucks, man).

Driving home.

... Thus ending my Oregon / Seattle adventure. These are the cups that Starbucks gives you if you buy coffee near Pike Place Market-

Pike Place Market is the place to be.

More to come.